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Teraco’s Service Level Agreements tightly define the operations environment, as well as the performance of the technical support and service management teams. The effective and highly qualified data centre support team provides the skilled, round-the-clock service that is core to Teraco’s offering, with response times governed by the Service Level Agreement.

This service includes the following:

Remote Hands Support

  • Resetting or rebooting of equipment
  • Cable replacement
  • Checking of alarms on equipment
  • ClientZone access
  • Remote PDU management including reboot
  • SLA Management
  • Support Ticketing & Tracking

Use Of Facilities

  • Storage facilities during deployment
  • Staging areas during installations and for maintenance
  • Meeting rooms

Platform Teraco

Client Zone

ClientZone’s mobile and web applications allow Teraco clients to access information for each of their deployments, log access or support tickets and order interconnects – from anywhere at any time.

Client Zone

National Contact

How can we help? We’re available

Monday to Friday from 08h00 until 17h00.


+27 (0) 11 573 2800


Call +27 (0)11 573 2800 / email:

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