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Why Choose Teraco for your African Data Centre Deployment?

Enterprises with on-premises data centre facilities juggle capital and operational expense decisions that come with building and operating their own data centres. A decision to adopt a hybrid IT infrastructure model or to move off-premise and colocate at the digital edge, often results in significant cost savings.

Data centres are the critical plumbing of the digital economy, funnelling the data of the modern economy between consumers, companies, governments, and the world. The true value of colocation is that it removes all the concerns of managing a data centre infrastructure and gives you the time to focus on the technology that takes your company to a higher level. This only works if you get the colocation services that you need.

Teraco offers unique flexibility and scale in its African data centre facilities.

More than 480 organisations, including: enterprises, Tier-1 carriers, fintech, global and local cloud, content, integrators, ISPs, security, and storage, are colocated within Teraco – providing clients with the greatest connectivity and interconnection choice on the continent.

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Teraco Data Centre Locations

Teraco operate vendor neutral data centre facilities built in strategic locations across South Africa in order to take advantage of the key commercial, utility power, transport and telecommunications infrastructure hubs available.  More than 10 years of experience means Teraco can guarantee client focussed, innovate design and consistent operational excellence across our footprint, allowing you to easily scale your services in terms of interconnection, power and space.

Completely flexible and scalable data centre services provide you with choice and the foundation upon which you can build your digital strategy and expand your business. Teraco’s data centres are interconnected gateways to emerging African markets and all major continental subsea cables. Teraco is the platform for extending your reach into new domestic, regional and international markets.


Hallmarks of Teraco’s African Data Centre Environments

Uncompromising Security

Guaranteed power

Advanced cooling and environmental conditioning

Global standard fire suppression

Holistic building management

Convenient locations

Experienced and professional support teams

High levels of network connectivity

High levels of interconnection

Access to cloud onramps



Isando / Bredell

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Cape Town


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Riverhorse Valley

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