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Physical and virtual interconnections allow you to quickly, seamlessly and securely connect endpoints within data centres and data centre campuses. Become a part of the interconnection hub within Teraco’s data centre facilities. In a changing Internet landscape, Teraco’s physical interconnect cabling and virtual interconnection system allow for the configuration of flexible and scalable interconnections to over 300 networks and upstream service providers. The service also includes direct access to potentially valuable partners within the established business ecosystems you need to accelerate growth.

Teraco is Africa’s largest carrier and cloud neutral interconnection hub.

Connect directly or virtually to over 300 network operators, global content providers and cloud operators. Teraco interconnection services provide cost-saving opportunities on existing line rental services, increased network reach, improved resilience, network reliability and lower latency. In a neutral data centre environment capacity is not limited, opening up a market of opportunities to connect to the world. Teraco partners with global cloud operators to allow clients to establish private, low cost, high capacity, secure SLA connections.

Clients benefit from highly secure, direct interconnection to the Teraco digital ecosystem comprising of:

  • All major cloud onramps, including Microsoft ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Connect
  • Direct access to over 300 network providers including carriers, terrestrial fibre, satellite connectivity and submarine cables
  • Direct access to over 50 global content providers
  • Direct access to over 130 IT services providers
  • Direct access to over 70 enterprises and 60 financial services providers
  • Direct access to diverse Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) – NAPAfrica and .INX


Scalable Bandwidth – no more last mile bandwidth constraints when utilising either physical cross connection or virtual cross connection within Teraco facilities.

Real Time Provisioning – once connected to Africa Cloud Exchange clients can quickly turn up VLAN services directly via the Teraco Interconnection Portal.

Cost Effective, Continuous Connectivity – high cost cables and the risk of theft are no longer a concern when connecting via a physical or virtual interconnect options.

Private Connectivity – By directly interconnecting to a provider’s environment via either physical cross connect or Africa Cloud Exchange, clients can ensure that their traffic is not routed via the public Internet.

Additional Resilience – by connecting to a provider’s environment via both a physical cross connect and Africa Cloud Exchange, clients can ensure resilience.


Physical Cross Connects

Teraco’s physical cross connects minimise networking costs, reduce latency and improves resilience. All facilities have multiple entry points into the building, providing carriers the opportunity to deploy diverse networks within Teraco data centre facilities. All physical interconnects are installed within 72 hours, providing the fastest turn-around at the lowest cost to connect clients, vendors and partners.

As Teraco facilities are truly neutral, interconnects are not limited on capacity, opening up a market of opportunities to connect to the world. Teraco has invested in international grade structured cabling systems offering multiple cable and connector types as well as access to multiple meet-me-rooms (MMRs).

Connectivity options include:

  • Fiber cabling (single-mode, multi-mode and ruggedised)
  • UTP cabling (CAT6)
  • STP cabling
  • Coaxial cabling
  • PSTN


Virtual cross connects

Access to multiple connectivity providers and business partners is an inevitable requirement for the modern enterprise. Most wish to avoid the public Internet due to potential latency, throughput, and security issues. These challenges are addressed by private cross connect solutions. Africa Cloud Exchange ensures a direct, predictable connection to your selected service provider.

Utilising virtual LAN (vLAN) connections, Africa Cloud Exchange is a highly scalable, fast and cost-effective way to create a hybrid and multi-cloud IT environment. It creates an ideal opportunity to move business critical workloads and latency-sensitive applications to the public cloud.

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