Platform Teraco

Platform Teraco is your African data centre infrastructure located at the digital edge. The ability to serve local and global markets through digital channels is critical in the connected world we live in today.

Data Centre

Does Your Infrastructure Support Your Business?

Today’s successful businesses gain advantages in local markets by deploying digital infrastructure platforms that deliver superior functionality, a better user experience and additional business value. Your business’ choice of digital infrastructure platform must enable scale, performance and security in the markets you want to reach.

Build your digital architecture from a holistic platform of; resilient data centre services; local and global cloud; physical or virtual interconnection; peering; round the clock support services; and an open marketplace of connectivity and services from which to innovate and grow your business.

Platform Teraco

What you need to know:

Platform Teraco brings you physically closer to the user.

Platform Teraco offers the widest choice of local and global cloud in Africa.

Platform Teraco is where interconnection enhances network security.

Platform Teraco is Africa’s open market for consumers and providers of connectivity, content, and services.

Teraco is Africa's Data Centre

Connect from the Digital Edge to the world in Africa's largest Data Centres


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