Purpose-built data centres

Teraco data centres are purpose-built and operated to global best practice by an organisation with an absolute focus on colocation infrastructure and data centre technology.

Africa's interconnection hub

Colocating in a Teraco data center gives your organisation access to the largest ecosystem of interconnected networks, applications and services to support your business's future growth in a digital economy.

The home of cloud

Teraco’s carrier and vendor neutral data centres provide the ideal home for global and local cloud services providers, ensuring that choosing the right cloud partner is only an interconnect away for all our clients.

Our Services

Selecting Teraco for your data centre services means that you will be assisted by a skilled onsite technical support team that is available around the clock.

Africa Cloud eXchange

We offer a low risk entry point for cloud providers to host their platform in the most connected and resilient data centre environment in Africa.


Our physical interconnect cabling system allows for the configuration of flexible and scalable interconnections to multiple carriers and upstream service providers.


Our colocating servers and networking operations provide the widest choice of connectivity, highest level of guaranteed uptime, stringent security and optimal operating conditions.

Wireless Colocation

Our Wireless Colocation offering provides data centre clients the ability to lease space on the high-site or shared masts available at our data centre facilities.


Teleport enables Service Providers to colocate their antennae equipment in a highly connected, well secured environment with resilient power.


Our highly qualified data centre support team provides skilled, around-the-clock service that is core to our offering, with response times governed by a Service Level Agreement.

How we help our clients

Cloud & IT

To reach your revenue goals, you must explore new markets for your IT services and improve overall performance. A growing footprint, network density and high performance are hallmarks of Teraco.

Enterprise & Financial

Remaining competitive today means having complete transparency and being able to control infrastructure costs without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

Content & Digital Media

NAPAfrica is where content and users connect. Locate your infrastructure close to end users while gaining immediate access to an African distribution hub.

Carrier & Networks

Teraco's footprint of vendor neutral data centres allows you to deploy infrastructure once and then interconnect quickly and efficiently to multiple clients.

  • Teraco Data Centre Power Status
  • 100%  |  Power Uptime, Guaranteed!
  • South Africa National Electricity Supply
  • Green  |  Electricity Supply is Stable
  • Smart to Future Cities 2017
    28-29 April 2017 - 2017 sees the concept of Smart Cities become a reality as the focus shifts to the citizen.

Need more information?

Client Zone

Our client portal, ClientZone, allows Teraco clients to access details and information for each of their deployments within our data centre facilities across the country, around the clock.


Within the Teraco resource library you will find the latest literature, news and videos relating to Teraco’s data centre facilities.

Our Locations

We operate colocation Data Centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and plan to open other colocation facilities in the near future.

About Teraco

Teraco is the first provider of resilient, vendor neutral data environments in South Africa.