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Google Cloud Hybrid Connectivity

Connect your infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on your terms, from Teraco’s JB1 Isando Campus in Johannesburg.

Google Cloud Platform

Get the most out of your cloud

The cloud is an incredible resource, but you can’t get the most out of it if you can’t interact with it efficiently. Whether it’s a VPN connection, a peering option, or something in between, Google has a solution that fits your specific needs.

Google Cloud Platform

Hybrid connectivity products

Cloud VPN

Connect your on-premise or other public cloud networks to GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) securely over the internet through IPSec VPN at a low cost for your data bandwidth needs up to 3.0 Gbps. High availability VPN (beta) offers the best SLA in the industry, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% at general availability.


Access Google and Google Cloud features over VPN or the internet, while cutting egress fees. If you can meet Google’s requirements, connect directly with Direct Peering.

Google Cloud Platform

Hybrid made easy

Today’s business climate demands flexibility. Connecting your on-premise resources to your cloud resources seamlessly, with minimum latency or interruption, is a business-critical requirement. Options such as Cloud VPN and peering provide flexibility for all your workloads. This unlocks the potential of hybrid app development and all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

Do business on a global scale

If your business does business worldwide, getting the most out of the cloud is often a difficult proposition. With Google’s global routing and peering capabilities, you get connectivity to any region, around the globe, from one connection. For more information, contact us today to set up a discussion around your Google Cloud requirements.

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