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Direct connection to the cloud with Africa Cloud Exchange

By 30th May 2019Jan 25th, 2022No Comments

Direct connections to the cloud within 24hrs.

 Andrew Owens, peering and interconnection specialist, Teraco, says the Africa Cloud ExchangeAfrica Cloud Exchange offers direct connections to the cloud through a neutral connectivity point where any enterprise, ISP, carrier or managed service provider can connect to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform in Africa: “This investment into Africa will significantly impact the burgeoning cloud region. Aside from benefiting from the myriad of cloud connectivity options, there is also no limitation on capacity. Teraco purely charges a cross-connection fee and as a result, reduces the costs to connect.”

He says that access to multiple connectivity providers and business partners is an inevitable requirement of any modern enterprise: “Most enterprises want to avoid the public Internet due to potential latency and throughput issues. These challenges are addressed by private connect solutions. Through our cloud exchange, we ensure a low risk, secure, direct, predictable connection to any client-selected cloud provider.”

By utilising cross-connections, Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange is a highly scalable, quick and cost-effective way to create a hybrid or multi-cloud IT environment: “It creates an ideal opportunity to move business-critical workloads and latency-sensitive applications to the public cloud. Through this approach, fewer network hops, higher carrier diversity, and interconnectivity are automatically a part of a resilient and scalable network,” says Owen.

Direct access to African connectivity

In addition, Owens says that cloud operators can take advantage of direct access to African terrestrial fibre, satellite connectivity, submarine cables and an open market for interconnection.

Using the Africa Cloud Exchange, Owens says Teraco recently ran real-world latency tests from the Teraco cross-connection directly to resources deployed in Western Europe and resources deployed in South Africa via Microsoft Express Route. As shown in the diagram below, the RTT (Round Trip Time) to resources deployed in the cloud from Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange has improved from an average of 171ms down to less than 2ms.

“Lower latency and direct cloud connections are imperative for a cloud approach to thrive. Being able to assist clients within the enterprise to better serve their clients, providing not only interconnects but also lower latency,” says Owen.

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