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Teraco Overview

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The World Connects Here

Launched in 2008, Teraco is ahead of the curve and today, is Africa’s largest data centre facility. Having almost completed its 17 500sqm expansion and with plans to build another 24 Megawatt site in Bredell, Johannebsurg, the data centre has become a key player in the tech evolution sweeping the continent.

Teraco’s total power supply by the end of 2017 will be 50 megawatts. It will be comparable to global data centres and by a large margin, ensuring the world, in its most modern form, connects in Southern Africa. As part of the expansion in Bredell, Teraco is extending NAPAfrica, Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP). Once complete in September 2017, all Teraco clients will benefit from the peering exchange and all the technology within existing Teraco data centres.

Teraco Overview

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