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Generating IRR Filters and Monitoring BGP on MikroTik Routers

Thursday, 12 October 2023

14:00 – 15:30 (GMT+2)

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Generating IRR Filters and Monitoring BGP on MikroTik Routers with Ben Ryall, Edge Strategy Manager at Meta and Lee Hetherington, Tech Lead, Edge at Meta.

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Border Gateway Protocol

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes data packets on the internet. It is the routingprotocol responsible for interpreting where to send data and finding the best route for it to take. The internet consists of many different interconnected networks called autonomous systems (AS). The Border Gateway Protocol helps these large networks communicate with each other by exchanging routing information.

In short, BGP enables networks to communicate by exchanging routing information between them. It also ensures that data travels from its source to its destination in the most efficient way. There usually is more than one route possible between source and destination. And BGP finds valid and fastest routes for any given session.

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About Ben & Lee

Internet Citizens

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Ben Ryall

Edge Strategy Manager at Meta

Established, innovative and experienced Internet, network and infrastructure architect leader. Proven in delivering complex technical projects to meet business requirements, support growth and enable strategic development.

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Lee Hetherington

Edge Tech Lead at Meta

Playing a hybrid role of Engineer, Entrepreneur, Evangelist and Thought leader across business and technology to define and deliver the future of highly-distributed edge compute infrastructure for the Metaverse and beyond! Building infrastructure focused on ultra-low latency workloads at planetary scale.


Thursday, 12 October 2023

14:00 – 15:30 (GMT+2)

14:00 (GMT+2)
Welcome & Introduction
14:10 (GMT+2)
Topic Discussion: BGP session monitoring on MikroTik routers
– You want to know if sessions are down, right?
– Generating and deployment of strict IRR filters
– Misconfigured sessions can cause pain
15:20 (GMT+2)
15:30 (GMT+2)

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