Protection from Physical Threats

Teraco build advanced, multi-level physical security into every data centre facility to ensure that your infrastructure is physically secure. Teraco further provide optional advanced access control and security services that supplement our standard measures.

Teraco Data Centres are PCI DSS Compliant

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in online card transactions, with more people using the internet to make payments. In order to safeguard the security of cardholder details, Mastercard and Visa developed the PCI DSS accreditation; a compulsory 12-step security standard required for all organisations that store, transmit or process card data, to ensure that all transactional information is protected.

Online retailers who store credit card details, customer information and transactional data in Teraco’s data centres are now compliant with sections 9 and 12 of the security standard and do not need PCI DSS accreditation for these elements of the standard. This presents huge benefits to Teraco’s financial services community, who no longer have to worry about these sections, which in most cases involve challenges that are outside of their direct control. It also offers considerable cost and time savings to any business going through the PCI DSS compliance process.

Standard Data Center Physical Security Measures

  • On-premise security guards
  • Comprehensive perimeter and building security, with ‘zones within zones’ for multiple levels of security
  • Pre-authorisation required for data centre access according to Teraco’s Access Policy
  • A visitor’s identity is visually confirmed against a picture on a named user list
  • Additional biometric confirmation through fingerprint imaging
  • Service areas are physically separated from data centre areas
  • Continuous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets
  • Comprehensive audit logs are maintained on all site access
  • Additional bespoke access policies can be implemented for private cage clients

Absolute Focus on Infrastructure, Service and Choice

  • Teraco’s core business is the provisioning of data centre facilities
  • Colocation facilities are available in managed client areas or a private cage for the client’s sole use
  • The client can choose any server hardware or networking equipment
  • Clients have unrestricted choice of network operators or ISP’s
  • Routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is performed, without interruption to data centre services
  • Remote technician services are available 24/7 (Remote Hands)
  • An open market of interconnectivity is offered via network access points (NAPAfrica)
  • Remote power management is available

Contact us to discuss your colocation requirements, or check out our client service directory for the services you need.