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African growth will rely on infrastructure sharing

Since the mid 2000’s ICT organisations have been discussing the importance and the determinant role of infrastructure sharing in the developm...

Teraco Company Profile

Teraco broadens African horizons through link to major European Internet exchange AMS-IX

NAPAfrica an open and free peering exchange within Teraco’s colocation facilities, is now connected with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). ...

Data centres in the Cloud Era

Global cloud experts believe the industry is entering an era of massive cloud enabled data centres run by third-party organisations – includi...

A conflict free environment, an open market and choice

…the true value of a vendor neutral data centre The vendor neutral data centre focuses its efforts on the management and maintenance o...

Guaranteed Power

Clean, Continuous Power to Keep your Infrastructure Going

Teraco's most critical responsibility to clients is keeping their infrastructure functioning, inspite of potential disruptions such as power outages. To maintain power availability, all of Teraco's data centres utilise high-capacity, resilient generators that guarantee power availability even during metro-wide power outages. Together with substantial on-site diesel stockpiles and short-notice diesel refueling contracts with multiple vendors at each data centre location, our electricity backup capabilities are extensive. This permits us to supply necessary power to organisations that require 24/7 infrastructure availability, such as online retailers and global financial services companies.

Robust Protection Against Electrical Surges

Multiple uninterruptible power source (UPS) systems in every data center to eliminate fluctuations and to provide clean, continuous power to your critical systems. In addition, all of the systems contained in the data centre are configured to be resilient, allowing us to provide you with consistent infrastructure and security performance.

Power Availability

  • Municipal power feeds provide in excess of 10MVA to the data centres
  • Resilient diesel backup generators are fuelled to provide 5 days of power boosted by guaranteed diesel delivery should the a municipal supply fail
  • Power is cascaded to multiple resilient distribution boards that enable the servicing of multiple zones simultaneously
  • Fully online UPSs ensure frequency, voltage and surge stability
  • Power Distribution Unit technology is able to manage the power down to socket level within cabinets
  • The ClientZone portal provides remote management capabilities reducing the need to physically enter the data centre
  • Power is supplied in 1.1kVA increments, from 1.1kVA per cabinet upwards. Higher power configurations are available
  • Detailed measurement and proactive notification of power usage are effected via the ClientZone portal

Absolute Focus on Infrastructure, Service and Choice

  • Teracos core business is the provisioning of data centre facilities
  • Colocation facilities are available in managed client areas or a private cage for the clients sole use
  • The client can choose any server hardware or networking equipment
  • Clients have unrestricted choice of network operators or ISPs
  • Routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is performed, without interruption to data centre services
  • Remote technician services are available 24/7 (Remote Hands)
  • An open market of interconnectivity is offered via network access points (NAPAfrica)
  • Remote power management is available

Contact us to discuss your colocation requirements, or check out our client service directory for the services you need.