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African growth will rely on infrastructure sharing

Since the mid 2000’s ICT organisations have been discussing the importance and the determinant role of infrastructure sharing in the developm...

Teraco Company Profile

Teraco broadens African horizons through link to major European Internet exchange AMS-IX

NAPAfrica an open and free peering exchange within Teraco’s colocation facilities, is now connected with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). ...

Data centres in the Cloud Era

Global cloud experts believe the industry is entering an era of massive cloud enabled data centres run by third-party organisations – includi...

A conflict free environment, an open market and choice

…the true value of a vendor neutral data centre The vendor neutral data centre focuses its efforts on the management and maintenance o...

Teraco Value Proposition

About Teraco

Founded in 2008, Teraco is Africa's only vendor neutral data centre colocation operator.

Teraco builds and operates its colocation data centres to service the most demanding IT infrastructure requirements, including the increased power and cooling demands of today's high-density cloud computing environments.

Backed by a 99.999% uptime guarantee, client equipment and data centre environmental parameters are monitored 24x7 by specialists versed in all aspects of IT and colocation facility management.

Teraco has grown to include three state-of-the-art colocation data centres based in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Teraco data centres are also the home of NAPAfrica, a neutral layer two internet exchange peering point (IXP).

Vendor Neutral

Teraco employs a vendor neutral business model for data centre facilities. Clients benefit from unrestricted choice and greater resilience in interconnection and flexibility, presenting a compelling advantage over other alternatives.

Connectivity & choice of service provider

Teraco provides its clients with provider choice through easy access to over 40 local and international carriers, content providers, ISPs and managed services providers. All undersea cables are accessible from the data centres, thereby improving latency requirements and connecting Africa to the rest of the world.

Cost effective on-demand availability

Teracos colocation facilities offer scalability. If an enterprise grows quickly, the additional space and power required will be available. If an enterprise grows more slowly than anticipated, the enterprise avoids investing funds in facilities that would be underutilised.

Smart partnerships through Teraco ecosystems

Colocation creates a virtual marketplace for providers of various products and technologies to buy & sell their services without incurring transit costs in order to reach one anothers network infrastructure.

Driven by Service

Teracos focus is on delivery, with ease of implementation being key. Teraco has adopted the best techniques from global experts to ensure seamless ordering and configuration processes. Teracos Service Level Agreement tightly defines the operational environment, as well as the performance of the technical support and account management teams for 24*7 support requirements.