Solutions for Enterprise

Helping you optimise your IT infrastructure

Remaining competitive today means having complete transparency and being able to control infrastructure costs without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

Vendor neutral colocation is where enterprises and flexible IT choices meet.

The growing ecosystems in Teraco's data centres help you cost-effectively solve your IT challenges:

  • Shift capital infrastructure costs to an operating expense
  • Aggregate or distribute your data center footprint as needed - reaching IT, application and cloud service providers
  • Low cost interconnects between the Teraco community
  • Support your African growth strategy with a vast choice in connectivity providers and expand your presence into new global markets
  • Improve productivity, reduce downtime, and focus on your core business
  • Ensure reliability with fully resilient data centers, featuring resilient power, optimum environments, and strict access security

Get closer to your users.

Our footprint in key business hubs enables you to host your applications closer to end-users. Choose from more than 30+ networks and an array of interconnection options to help you reduce costs whilst improving performance.

Get closer to business partners to increase growth.

Leverage from a choice of network and cloud providers to optimise IT performance, simplify operations, and gain flexibility.

From the Service Directory - rapidly create business connections with access to a growing pool of potential clients and business partners

Leverage our data centre footprint.

Teraco is the only vendor neutral data center provider offering choice of carrier, IT services, cloud services, application providers and content. Teraco enables you to rapidly deploy data center operations in 3 strategic business hubs in South Africa.

Teraco Data Centres are PCI DSS Compliant.

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in online card transactions, with more people using the internet to make payments. In order to safeguard the security of cardholder details, MasterCard and Visa developed the PCI DSS accreditation; a compulsory 12-step security standard required for all organisations that store, transmit or process card data, to ensure that all transactional information is protected.

Online retailers who store credit card details, customer information and transactional data in Teraco's data centres are now compliant with sections 9 and 12 of the security standard and do not need PCI DSS accreditation for these elements of the standard. This presents huge benefits to Teraco's financial services community, who are no longer concerned about these sections, which in most cases involve challenges outside of their direct control. It also offers considerable cost and time savings to any business going through the PCI DSS compliance process.