Solutions for Content & Digital Media Providers

Accelerating performance for a better user experience

Get closer to your users. Improve the user experience ensuring loyal clients.

NAPAfrica is where content and users connect. Locate your infrastructure close to end users while gaining immediate access to the largest African distribution hub. Choose from more than 100 network operators, ranging from last mile providers to ISPs and mobile data providers. Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of content companies, and content delivery services, all accessible via ONE direct connection.

Improve performance while controlling costs and complexity.

At Teraco, you can:

  • Control bandwidth costs by aggregating traffic delivery, peering and connecting directly to end-user networks including ISPs and mobile data providers
  • Leverage NAPAfrica, Africa's fastest growing peering and traffic exchange
  • Select from the world's top CDNs and Internet transit providers
  • Locate infrastructure close to end users in 3 business hubs across South Africa
  • Rely on 10MVA + of power and 5000sqm + of data centre capacity in highly resilient data centres delivering a >99.999% uptime record