Data Centre Colocation Clients

At Teraco, we are proud of our clients and actively promote their business within our Service Directory . You can find out more about these clients below, but if you'd like to speak to any of them to gain insight into their experience of colocation with Teraco, all you need to do is get in touch with us .

Network Providers

Teraco's data centres are located on the fibre rings of all the major licensed carriers in South Africa, all of which have fibre nodes within the building, presented in the Teraco Carrier Hotel.

Service Providers

Major Internet Service Providers colocate server and router systems in our data centres when they need additional space for their own infrastructure and to be closer to their clients.

Cloud Providers

South African and global cloud providers host their platform in the most fibre connected and energy resilient data centre environments in Africa when they need to be closer to their clients.

Enterprise Clients

Our Enterprise clients find Teraco's colocation facilities perfect as a backup site for disaster recovery, when faced with the cost of running and expanding their own data centre, or when they require more flexibility.


At Teraco, we actively promote business between clients, Carriers and Service Providers and the unrestricted traffic exchange between our clients creates new possibilities for business within our data centre marketplace.