Service Directory

What's it all about?

Teraco's greatest indirect benefit to its colocation clients is how it creates an open market of interconnected services. Teraco colocation clients can provide both external data centre clients as well as other colocated clients with advanced, specialised or customised colocation services, from hosting and connectivity to cloud server hosting services and application integration. Through this Community Service Directory, Teraco clients looking for additional technologies can directly reach smart, creative companies delivering a wide range of offerings, right here in the data centre.

If you require bandwidth, peering or IP Transit for connectivity and would like us to arrange an introduction to any of the colocated Network providers or Service providers, please contact us. If you need something a little different or special, or just want to be inspired to try something new, why not search the Colocation Service Directory for other colocation services from Teraco providers?

Hosting Services

Hosting Services provide clients with the ability to access scaleable platforms and services located within the Teraco client base, these colocation and related services cover a mix of per-U and half-rack colocation, dedicated server hosting, shared web hosting, virtual servers (VM/VPS), cloud server hosting and much more. Choosing Teraco for your hosting services means you're backed by a 99.999% uptime environment in South Africa's first vendor neutral and colocation facilities, allowing resilient interconnects in an open market of colocated server hosting services.

IP services

IP services comprise many basic and advanced building blocks that enable clients to deploy an IP network with basic end-to-end IP connectivity and manage their IP addressing requirements from a central location. It also allows them to control the IP addressing scheme used throughout their network and provide redundancy at major network connection points. Teraco colocation clients are able to provide bandwidth, IP Transit, peering, VPNs and as well as providing interconnection of fibre access to Metro networks across the country.

Managed Services

From consulting, design, to set-up and implementation, from backup operations to disaster recovery, security management and maintenance of your server infrastructure, these services enhance transparency, efficiency and flexibility within your organisation. Having access to Managed Services within the data centre means that clients can focus on their core strengths whilst outsourcing the rest, providing Teraco clients with peace of mind and the option of outsourcing Managed Services to professional providers within the data centre.

The Voice Services

The Voice Services available within Teraco provide our clients with the freedom of choice, from intertional termination to IP telephony and VoIP services, local and cellular termination, shared PBX, etc. At Teraco you can find all your Voice Services requirements under one roof. By having the choice of a PSTN interconnect, colocation clients making use of VoIP services are able to utilise PRI lines within the data centres.