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More data centres spell less lockdown for cloud users

By 11th May 2020Jan 26th, 2022No Comments

More Data Centres

Published 10 May 2020, Sunday Times
by Arthur Golodstuck

An announcement this week that SA’s biggest independent data centre provider, Teraco, would build a second facility in Cape Town came as a surprise to many.

Barely two weeks ago, Amazon Web Services switched on its first data centres in Africa in the same city. Now, Teraco is doubling its own capacity in Cape Town, adding 8,000m² of floor space. In 2019, Microsoft set up Azure data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and Huawei put down its own version in Johannesburg. Due to their size, these are known as hyperscale data centres…

More Data Centres Spell Less Lockdown for Cloud Users

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