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The following resources are available for download:

Teraco InfoGraphic

Statistics and interesting fugures about Teraco. Image  |  PDF 200 KB  |  1 Pages

Teraco Overview

Launched in 2008, Teraco is ahead of the curve and today, is Africa’s largest data centre facility. Article  |  PDF 2 MB  |  4 Pages

Teraco DataCentre Anatomy

What makes up a Teraco Data Centre? Image  |  PDF 800 KB  |  1 Page

Making Cloud Pay

Cloud may well come bundled with statistics and services that make the business swoon, but it needs to deliver on its promises. Article  |  PDF 8 MB  |  4 pages

Making Data Green

Greening up a data centre makes sense, but there are cost implications. Article  |  PDF 7 MB  |  2 pages

The New Digital Environment

How Teraco is building a digital environment to help clients succeed, and the increasing blurry line between service and support. Article  |  PDF 2 MB  |  5 pages

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