Eskom: Plan for outages 

4 February 2015, 09:39 courtesy of NEWS24

Eskom will implement Stage 1 load shedding from 10:00 until 22:00 on Wednesday, the power utility said in a message posted on its Twitter feed at 8:29.  

"This is due to a shortage of generation capacity as several units are currently on unplanned outages due to technical faults," Eskom said in a press release. 

In an earlier tweet posted at 06:20, it warned of a high risk of load shedding, saying the grid was under pressure. "Any changes on the generating plant can result in load shedding," Eskom said. 

The utility said there was a fault at Majuba power station, where Unit 3 has a stuck ash conveyer belt, while Duvha’s Unit 2 tripped on Tuesday night due to a technical fault on the electrical side. The fault is currently being repaired. 

Koeberg’s Unit 1, which experienced an earth fault on the generator transformer on Sunday, is still undergoing repairs and is expected to be at full capacity by the end of the week. The same unit is scheduled for a planned outage on February 9 2015, and will be returned to service again in May, Eskom said.

Eskom hopes for no load shedding this week

19 January 2015 - Johannesburg South Africa

Eskom on Sunday said it hoped that it would not need to implement load shedding in the upcoming week.

“For now, our aspiration is not to have load shedding at all [for the week ahead],” said Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe. However, he warned, that the possibility could not be ruled out entirely: “Because we are running an old system, we do experience technical faults from time to time.”

Phasiwe said that it was normal for there to be outages at “one or two stations due to various technical situations,” but said that at the moment there were no dire incidents. He said that the power system was “relatively stable” on Sunday afternoon.

This week, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona reiterated that the country’s power supply would remain severely constrained in the coming months while Eskom dealt with its maintenance backlog. He likened Eskom to “a ship sailing through difficult waters” and a car that had not had regular maintenance. In February 900 megawatts is to be taken off the grid when one of Koeberg nuclear power station’s units undergoes maintenance.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Democratic Alliance MP Natasha Michael said she had received reports that Unit 6 at the Medupi power station in Limpopo was “not working as it should… “It is believed that there is a huge problem with the design of the piping and as a result it will not operate correctly,” she said. The process of getting the Medupi power station operational has been hit by a number of delays over the last few months. “South Africans need Medupi to be brought online without delay, but the method must also be sustainable in the long-term.”

Click here for Eskom's official system status update presentation from 15 January 2015

Eskom confirms national load shedding for the weekend
21 November 2014 - Johannesburg South Africa

Eskom has moved to stage 2 loadshedding, according to report on Fin24 quoting spokesperson Andrew Etzinger, with the utility confirming that power cuts are scheduled to take place throughout the weekend.

“Load shedding will recommence again tomorrow [Saturday] and Sunday at 9am in order to build up reserves for the week ahead,” it said in a statement on Friday, 21 November 2014.

It said there were a number of reasons for the cuts that began on Friday afternoon. “The power system is extremely constrained… due to unforeseen technical problems at power stations, depleted water reserves at our peaking power stations, which use water to generate electricity, and depleted diesel reserves to fire up the open-cycle gas turbines.”

Load-shedding schedules were available to Eskom’s direct customers on its website. Customers could also contact their call centre for additional information.

Teraco continues to monitor current Eskom situation

10 November 2014 - Johannesburg South Africa

The recovery programme at the Majuba power station is “proceeding well” and has “far exceeded” Eskom’s expectations. Capacity at the power station, where a coal silo collapsed at the weekend, is now at 1,4GW and the risk of blackouts had been reduced, the power utility said.

Teraco is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to post updates and load shedding notifications on our web page.  Should load shedding be enforced in any of the regions, Teraco is confident its 100% availability record will be maintained.

Lex van Wyk – CEO
Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd.

Teraco is committed to ensuring client uptime is maintained during the current Eskom crisis

4 November 2014 - Johannesburg South Africa

The current Eskom energy crisis being experienced across the country was dealt another blow over the weekend by a silo collapse at the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga, greatly reducing its power generation capacity.

This has resulted in the national power grid being severely constrained and Eskom announcing Stage 2 load shedding (this allows the energy producer to cut 2000MW from the grid), which commenced Sunday, 2nd November.

Teraco’s SLA guarantees you 99.999% uptime and we will ensure you continue to receive the benefit at all times. Considerable investment has been made by Teraco to ensure the power to your equipment stays on.  Resilience is built into every Teraco data centre and equipment maintenance schedules are strictly adhered to.

Teraco is monitoring the situation closely and will post updates and load shedding notifications on our web page.  Should load shedding be enforced in any of the regions, our 100% availability record will continue to be maintained.

Should you require specific information in the case of a power grid outage, please let us know so that arrangements can be made to ensure you can focus on your business without the added stress this might bring.

Lex van Wyk – CEO
Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd.