Teraco is a carrier neutral data centre and interconnection hub for networks but does not offer connectivity services. Teraco will provide introductions to any of the colocated local and global carrier networks within the connectivity ecosystem.

Physical Interconnect Services

Our physical interconnect cabling system allows for the configuration of flexible and scalable interconnections to multiple carriers and upstream service providers. Clients are able to respond to fast changing traffic demands. The service also includes direct access to potentially valuable business partners within the Teraco data centre community such as content providers, multiple cloud platforms, backup/disaster recovery specialists and application service providers.

Links to any Teraco client, carrier or service provider can be installed within a day.

Within Teraco's data centre facilities there is a generous space allowance for intra-cabinet wiring, using a structured cabling system that is neat, traceable and scalable. All Teraco physical interconnects can be installed with secondary redundant links, within 72 hours. Availability is guaranteed under the Teraco Service Level Agreement on resilient links.

Connectivity options include:

  • Fibre cabling (single-mode, multi-mode and ruggedised)
  • UTP cabling (CAT6)
  • STP cabling
  • Coaxial cabling
  • PSTN

Contact us for more details or to discuss your colocation requirements