Teraco is an interconnection hub for cloud service providers and does not offer cloud services - but will provide introductions to any of its colocated cloud services providers within the cloud ecosystem.

What is Africa Cloud eXchange?

Africa has become an attractive market for the distribution of IT services. An ever growing appetite for content and applications by consumers is uncovering new revenue streams and increasing margins. Due to the lack of reliable power and infrastructure in Africa an opportunity exists to establish Southern Africa as a central hub from which international connectivity and cloud service providers are able to support the rest of Africa's needs. Teraco data centre colocation facilities are an interconnection hub for Africa, offering access to a holistic physical infrastructure and highly secure environment for colocation to all cloud services providers and their clients.

Africa Cloud eXchange

Teraco's Africa Cloud eXchange (ACX) offers a low risk entry point for cloud providers to host their platform in the most connected and resilient data centre environment in Africa. With direct access to African terrestrial fibre and satellite connectivity providers, submarine cables and an open market for interconnection, cloud providers are now able to distribute their services to more than 50 African nations, with a single deployment.

Combined with existing benefits like; free peering through NAPAfrica , cost effective interconnects , access to all licensed local carriers, major international carriers, significant content providers, SLA guaranteed resilient power, 24/7 support and the highest levels of physical security; Africa Cloud eXchange makes Teraco the natural choice of data centre environment to colocate cloud services.

Africa Cloud eXchange

Benefits of Africa Cloud eXchange

  • Carrier, cloud and vendor neutral data centre facilities providing true focus on security, power and facility uptime.
  • Access to all Africa's major carriers and numerous international carriers, cloud providers have the ability to offer their services to an extensive client base
  • Sharing the environment with other cloud providers means there are opportunities to share, interconnect and grow cloud product suites
  • Offering a wide range of interconnect technologies, enabling clients to minimise infrastructure spend and offer more competitive solutions
  • By outsourcing the data centre environment, cloud solution providers can focus on their core business
  • Remote hands support makes it possible for cloud providers and clients alike to maintain service levels without having technicians on site
  • Teraco employs advanced technology ensuring strict access control and processes to safeguard clients' equipment
  • Service level agreements offering 99.999% uptime guarantees, ensuring the highest availability
  • Highly flexible environment for rapid deployment and future growth based on a "pay as you grow" model
  • Connecting buyers and sellers at the Internet's Edge
  • Low latency interconnection to a growing cloud hub

Features of Africa Cloud eXchange

  • High Density, SLA Guaranteed Power
  • Highly Secure, access controlled environment
  • Access to over 200 local and international networks
  • Free Peering via NAPAfrica Internet eXchange (IXP)
  • 24/7 Support

Cloud Hosting Partners Services

Teraco focuses on connecting business with potential partners and clients within the data centre. Infrastructure sharing is key for businesses to reduce capex and improve operational costs, while still allowing for rapid innovative deployment of products to market. As Teraco offers a structured cabling environment, you will easily and cost effectively be able to connect to a partner of your choice.

Our cloud hosting ecosystem contains key infrastructure as a service partners which will give you the opportunity to white label cloud applications to suit your market segment.

Contact Teraco for more information

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