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Be a part of Africa's most important networks

Since opening the doors to it’s first vendor neutral, colocation data centre, in Rondebosch – Cape Town in 2009, submarine cable systems, local terrestrial networks and several other major IP backbones have establish strategic interconnection hubs within the Teraco facilities. Now you have the opportunity to leverage network density and the choice of interconnection partners to achieve the network deployment speed and scale you need. Expand your network presence and services into new regions across Africa using the same infrastructure to connect directly to more IT services, cloud services, content providers and enterprise clients.

Find new business partners and expand your reach.

Teraco is where you will have the widest choice in partners to expand your reach into Africa and enter new markets.

  • Access more than 200 networks, optimising access and reducing latency
  • Ensure your network uptime and performance with a wide choice of partners
  • Target clients with specialised network requirements, including content, cloud and financial ecosystems – all just an interconnect away
  • Leverage NAPAfrica, Africa’s fastest growing peering and traffic exchange
  • Easily access mobile traffic
  • Ensure you can quickly scale your services with coverage in 3 major business centers across South Africa
  • Rely on over 25MVA + and 10 000sqm + of power and data centre capacity in highly resilient data centres delivering a >99.999% uptime record