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Grow your Cloud Business in Teraco

Our strategic footprint and network density make it easy to increase the target markets you can access. Reach and exceed your performance requirements by colocating infrastructure closer to clients and technology partners.

  • Access to more than 200 networks, maximising choice, performance and reducing latency
  • Access to NAPAfrica, the largest open layer 2 peering exchange in Africa
  • On-demand access to the space, power and network connectivity needed to scale cloud services and IT services
  • Direct access to a services ecosystem for rapid integration of services, technologies and client opportunities, including a choice of IT service providers
  • Access to Service Directory – create business connections from a growing pool of potential clients and business partners

Realise the advantage of a vendor neutral environment.

Teraco eliminates the barriers in the adoption of your IT and cloud services.

  • Deploy your IT service infrastructure closer to your clients in key markets
  • Ensure reliability, availability, security and service delivery by partnering with a wide choice of networks and managed service providers
  • Easily scale your deployment to maintain performance levels as your business grows
  • Directly access a growing market of enterprise clients in our data centres
  • Optimise product performance, maintain control over your infrastructure and grow your business

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