Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Teraco Interconnection Platform delivers global access to AWS Direct Connect in 15 business-rich markets. Amazon Web Services Direct Connect bypasses the public Internet and ensures private connectivity and full integration between cloud services and business applications.


AWS Direct Connect + Teraco Interconnection

AWS Direct Connect plus Teraco Cloud Exchange is an ideal combination that enables Hybrid cloud architectures to improve network performance, reduce operating costs and increase security.

AWS Direct Connect operating on the Teraco Cloud Exchange offers unparalleled benefits for Cloud infrastructures—Orchestrate business applications and data across multiple locations with performance, security and scale.

Enhancing the value for AWS customers

Latency-sensitive applications and workloads require predicable performance and a consistent, high-quality user experience.

Deploying an interconnection focussed strategy with Teraco Interconnection Platform and leveraging AWS Direct Connect, delivers the following benefits:
  • Predictable performance and user experience with dedicated, low-latency, high bandwidth direct connections to Amazon Web Services
  • Enhanced compliance by connecting privately to Amazon Web Services and keeping data within region, without going over the public internet
  • Hybrid cloud enablement that allows enterprises to maintain private clouds and manage sensitive data within Teraco’s secure data centers in proximity to Amazon Web Services, while taking advantage of its flexibility, scalability and cost-savings benefits
AWS Direct Connect

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Amazon Web Services Direct Connect services are currently offered in Teraco data centres located in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Teraco Data Environments is an AWS Standard Technology Partner.

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AWS Standard Technology Partner